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A lot of Instagram users have been familiar with the problem that their posts on Instagram didn’t get seen by a lot of their followers. To solve this problem, Instagram developed a special algorithm in summer of 2016. Since then, posts are no longer shown chronologically but are ordered by their relevance to the users. The Instagram algorithm is now working similar to the one of Facebook.

Instagram has made quite the impression in the short 8 years that it has been around. The platform now boasts 800 million monthly active users, 63% of which log in daily. This speedy growth has left marketers scrambling to understand how they can use Instagram for business. Whilst it’s clear that the platform offers an ocean of opportunity for brands to connect with an engaged audience, Instagram strategy implementation sometimes falls short.


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TitlePrice per 1000MinMax
Instagram Followers (NO REFILL)1.7510010 000
Instagram Followers (REFILL 30DAYS)2.555010 000
Instagram Followers (REFILL 60DAYS)2.955010 000
Instagram Likes0.75010 000
Instagram Likes [Automatic orders]0.75010 000
Instagram Likes FAST1.252010 000
Instagram Likes_1 [Automatic orders]1.252010 000
Instagram Views0.81001 000 000
Instagram Views [Automatic orders]0.81001 000 000
Instagram Comments1851 000
Instagram Comments Custom1851 000
Instagram Impressions0.03100100 000
Instagram Saves0.210050 000
Instagram Story Views0.1510080 000
Instagram Story Poll Votes1010025 000
Instagram IGTV Views0.81001 000 000
Instagram IGTV Likes250100 000
Instagram IGTV Comments505100
Instagram Live Video Likes0.550010 000
Instagram Live Video Views151005 000
Instagram Live Video Comments101002 000
Instagram Photo Reach110030 000
Instagram Video Reach110030 000
Instagram Likes Impression210010 000
Instagram Likes.min10
Instagram Likes.for_one_order50
Instagram Emoji Comments18105 000
Instagram Reel Likes15010 000
Instagram Reel Views0.81001 000 000
Youtube Views (REFILL 30DAYS)1.7510001 000 000
Youtube Subscribers (REFILL 30DAYS)1010010 000
Youtube Likes (REFILL 30DAYS)350100 000
Youtube Comment Likes450100 000
Youtube Shares210001 000 000
Youtube Comments (CUSTOM)40101 000
Youtube Comments (RANDOM)40101 000
Facebook Page Likes81002 000
Facebook Post Likes25010 000
Facebook Comments Custom24101 000
Facebook Profile Followers (REFILL 30DAYS)45005 000
Facebook Fan Page Followers (REFILL 30DAYS)550010 000
Facebook Friends55001 000
Facebook Group Members45001 000
Twitter Followers (REFILL 30DAYS)121005 000
Twitter Views (REFILL 30DAYS)11001 000 000
Twitter Impressions (REFILL 30DAYS)11002 000
Twitter Comments4010100
Twitter Poll Votes3.51001 000 000
Soundcloud Plays0.0255010 000 000
Soundcloud Likes (REFILL 60DAYS)1.2501 000 000
Soundcloud Followers (REFILL 60DAYS)1.2501 000 000
Soundcloud Reposts (REFILL 60DAYS)310050 000
Soundcloud Comments Custom125010 000
Soundcloud Comments1250100 000
Spotify Plays (REFILL 60DAYS)1.210001 000 000
Spotify Followers (REFILL 60DAYS)4100050 000
Linkedin Followers (REFILL 60DAYS)9100500 000
Pinterest Followers12100500 000
Pinterest Board Followers4100500 000
Pinterest RePins3501 000 000
Tumblr Followers125050 000
Tumblr Likes125050 000
Tumblr Reblogs355050 000
TikTok Likes (REFILL 30DAYS)0.550100 000
TikTok Followers (REFILL 30DAYS)650100 000
TikTok Views0.1550010 000 000
Telegram Members (CHANNEL)210050 000
Telegram Members (GROUP)2.5100010 000
Telegram Post Views (5 last)0.5100100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [Positive Mixed 👍🤩🎉🔥❤️]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [Negative Mixed 👎😁😢💩🤮]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [👍]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [👎]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [🔥]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [❤️]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [🤩]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [💩]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [🎉]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [🤮]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [😁]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [😢]0.850100 000
Telegram Reactions Views [😱]0.850100 000
Website Website Traffic (WORLDWIDE)1.110001 000 000
Website Traffic.cash10
VK com00
Clubhouse Followers2910010 000